The Kramer – Coffin Coffee Table Plan



The ultimate conversation centre piece for any home. Available with a glass or wood top. Glass table top allows for a creative display in the casket cavity. Shown in Birch with burgundy velvet.
14 pages of easy to follow detailed information.

Michael writes:
Hello Mark,
I bought your plans almost a year ago and I finally got around to making me a coffee table! I really like the look of your copper/antiqued brown legs and I was wondering how you accomplished this!
I was happy with your plans and I will be purchasing a few more soon. I did find the lid on the Kramer coffin a bit difficult to make after cutting the angles and the 1/4 rabbit for the glass to drop in! When I was getting the angled miter cuts that matched the angles of the coffin I was having a hard time keeping the lid piece flat and true, so the angle cut did not come out correct and this made a poor fit! I ended up cutting the rabbit for the glass and cutting each piece to length then I cut the correct degree angle for the body, head and feet and then cut each piece to get the angle contour of the lid! Hard to explain on email other than that I enjoyed the plan and I thank you for taking the time to make one!