Socrates – Solid wood casket kit



We offer this pinewood casket kit for those that are in the pre-planning stage. Add a personal touch with this Do-it-yourself kit.

Constructed using pinewood all of the wood pieces are precisely milled for an exact fit. The upholstery is fitted to the panel sizes and installs easily. We’ve taken the guess work out of building a casket.

Included in this kit are all of the wood and fabric components along with all necessary fasteners and detailed assembly instructions.

All that is required to get this kit assembled is a suitable space and a little bit of your time.  A garage or spare bedroom or any 8’x8′ covered area will work.

⎝⎛乐视体育⎞⎠Many people have further personalized this casket with custom finishes wood carvings and colorful fabrics.  We give you a good solid base and from there the sky is the limit based on your creativity.

Total cost delivered – $995 USD.  Please call 250-777-1777 for more specific product information, shipping time, and to place an order.

⎝⎛乐视体育⎞⎠We can customize this casket kit during construction. View our gallery of images. A variety of handle styles and trim features are available.

⎝⎛乐视体育⎞⎠We offer discounted rates on quantity purchases.  If you wish to become a casket “kitter” and start assembling and selling kits in your own community please call for more details.