About Us

Our objective is to help people build their own caskets coffins and urns.  We believe that every community should have their own coffin builder. We diligently strive to bring good order back to death.  Death is life’s greatest gift.  We treat it as such.

If you would like to become a coffin builder serving your community or you would like to build a casket coffin or urn for your self or a loved one then we can help.
mark building3Established and online since 1997 we’ve helped thousands of people construct their own caskets coffins and urns.  Some people are skilled and have workshops, we have building plans and blueprints that describe in detail the steps necessary to complete their project.  Some people want to add a personal touch to the casket or coffin of a family member who is nearly departed.  We help with casket kits.  We supply all of the necessary wood and fabric components so that they can assemble their casket or coffin and personalize it with carving painting weaving and more.  We serve our local community with finished caskets and urns.  We do specialty work tailored to the wishes of people in our area.  Our experience in serving our local community is our key asset in helping others begin their own coffin building companies.


⎝⎛乐视体育⎞⎠I began building caskets and coffins in 1997. My grandmother passed away, I wanted to help. I didn’t know what I could do until my family began contemplating building the casket. “We are a family of woodworkers and seamstresses”, they said.

mark building2My uncle my father and myself handled the wood and my mother and her sisters the bedding. We were united in action, chiseling carving sewing stitching and contemplating life together, cherishing the memories as we built. Stories from the old days were shared. We remembered that our great grandfather served his – our community as a coffin builder as far back as 1927. Not for profit but for the good of it. A true service.

I was humbled. I knew that I had found my calling. My talent would not be wasted I would give what I could.  I began sketching out my designs and building caskets coffins and urns whenever called upon. Our cabinet shop slowly but surely transformed into a casket shop, We built a showroom and filled it up. I was happy to design and build. I conceived handles and locks and latches all sorts of hinges and lid stays.  I used unconventional materials and played with angles and fascinating joinery. I documented and digitized all of my work.

mark building1⎝⎛乐视体育⎞⎠I truly believe that each and every community should have a local coffin builder. I’ve helped in the start up of a handful of coffin companies. I’ll continue to help, aiming my focus at helping people serve their communities with locally handmade caskets coffins and urns.

I began the online community of the .  If you would like to build caskets coffins and urns for your community please join and begin this most rewarding journey.


Mark Zeabin